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Refund and Returns Policy

We strive to deliver correct products in undamaged and suitable condition every time a customer places an order. We strongly recommend checking the state of the delivered medicine at the same time of delivery and getting back to us if there is any discrepancy. If your order is eligible for a return, you can raise a request for a return and refund within 48 hours (2 days) from the time of delivery. All returns are reviewed for eligibility, and the refund is subjected to review and verification by our team. 

No return of a damaged product is accepted once the part or whole of the product is used. 

Return policy

What is the time period for returning orders?

Medicines order

We have medicine specific return policy. The return policy ranges from 0 to 2 days from the delivery date. The details regarding the return policy can be found on the product. Please check the return policy before you place your order.

Healthcare products

All the healthcare products purchased from the website can be returned within two days from the date of delivery. Currently, our company is not charging any shipping charges for returns from you.

Which products are not eligible for returns?

Medicines that are not eligible for returns:

As per our terms and policy offered by all the sellers on the website, the product that is not eligible for a return under the following criteria:

  • If the medicine has been tampered  
  • Suppose the product has been opened, disfigured, or partially used. The customer is strongly recommended to check the packet carefully when accepting the product from the delivery agent.
  • Suppose the packaging of the product, box, or packaging seal has been tampered with. The customer is recommended to check the packaging properly at the time of acceptance of medicine by the customer from the delivery agent. It is emphasized that the customer should not accept the order if the packet is tampered with.   
  • Any accessories supplied with the product are missing.
  • If it is mentioned on the product’s detail page, the item is non-returnable.  
  • Any damage which is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  
  • If the product is damaged due to the misuse of the product
  • The product is without the original packaging and freebies   
  • If the product does not have any barcode affixed, UPC number, or serial number, which was present at the time of accepting the item by the delivery agent  
  • Items related to baby care food and nutrition, personal care, covid essential products, or health care devices, sexual wellness items but not limited to condom, pregnancy kit, and other products but not limited to health drinks, health monitors, glucometer and its strips, health supplements, and diapers. We do not accept the return of certain items. The company will only accept the return of these items if they are defective or not of the characteristics shown or if the delivery is late.    

Additional information

If products are marked non-returnable on the detail page, the item whose return window has expired cannot be returned. If these items are indeed returned along with another returned item, we will dissolve a refund and return such items to you. 

What is the returning method?

You can raise a request for a return within the time frame mentioned above by following this simple method on the platform:

  • Step 1: Go to my orders  
  • Step 2: Select the respective order and click the return option
  • Step 3: Check to see if the item that you wish to return is returnable and has an active return window 
  • Step 4: Select the product you wish to return with the reason and quantity for return 

You can also place a request to return any item by calling the customer support number. After your return request is confirmed, we will pick up the returned product as per the following timelines:

  • For local cities: within one to two days from the time of return, request approval.
  • For other cities: It is between four to five business days from the time of return request approval.

Please note that this period may be longer depending on the third-party courier partner terms. Keep the return packet ready in its original packaging condition with all the labels intact to it. You were also requested to keep a copy of the bill from the seller handy for verification.

Refund policy

Please note that the refunded amount mentioned at the time of return on the website is an estimate and will be finalized after completing the verification. Once the return pickup is confirmed and the seller verifies the product, a refund of the amount paid for that item returned by you will be initiated for an eligible return. 

A refund will only be initiated only after the successful verification of the items by the seller. Make sure that the verification process may take some time.

  • For local cities: It may take about 48 hours from the time of pick up from your location.
  • For other cities: About eight to ten business days from the date of pick up from your location. 

It would help if you understood that we reserve all the rights to claim back any refund that has been processed due to fraudulent activities, including the return of wrong items or the wrong quantity of the items. 

In case the products are received as damaged, you are requested to contact customer care and would be issued post verification. We might ask for pictures for verification purposes.

You can also cancel an order placed by you before shipping for delivery for products ordered by you following the process described above.